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Welcome to Super World Buffet - Apple Valley, MN

Welcome to Super World Buffet - Apple Valley, MN

At Super World Buffet, we believe in creating a dining experience that transcends the ordinary. Nestled in the heart of Apple Valley, Minnesota, our restaurant has become a beacon for those seeking a gastronomic journey through the diverse and delicious world of global cuisine.

Our Story:
Super World Buffet has quickly become a beloved destination for food enthusiasts and families alike. Our journey began with a simple yet profound vision – to create a space where people could come together to savor an array of flavors from around the globe, all under one roof.

Culinary Excellence:
What sets us apart is our commitment to culinary excellence. Our chefs are not just masters of their craft; they are passionate artists, dedicated to delivering a symphony of flavors that delight the senses. From sizzling stir-fries to mouthwatering sushi, from savory European classics to fiery South Asian delicacies, our buffet is a celebration of diversity and culinary artistry.

A Feast for the Senses:
As you step into Super World Buffet, be prepared to embark on a sensory journey. The aroma of freshly prepared dishes, the vibrant colors of our carefully curated spread, and the lively ambiance – it all comes together to create an unforgettable dining experience. Whether you are here for a family celebration, a casual dinner with friends, or a business lunch, our restaurant is designed to cater to all occasions.

Community and Hospitality:
At Super World Buffet, we don't just serve food; we create connections. Our warm and welcoming staff is dedicated to ensuring that every guest feels like a part of our extended family. From the moment you walk in to the moment you leave, our commitment to exceptional service and hospitality shines through.

Sustainability and Quality:
We are proud to source the finest ingredients, prioritizing quality and sustainability. Our commitment to responsible sourcing is reflected in every dish we serve. It's not just about a meal; it's about contributing to a better world through mindful choices.

Join Us in Celebration:
As we mark our first anniversary, we extend our heartfelt gratitude to the Apple Valley community and beyond for embracing Super World Buffet. We invite you to join us in celebration, to relish the flavors that have defined our first year, and to look forward to many more years of culinary delight.

Thank you for being a part of our journey. Here's to many more years of creating memories, savoring flavors, and bringing people together at Super World Buffet!

Super World Buffet - Apple Valley, MN Where Culinary Dreams Come to Life


"Was blown away at all the different food choices. Egg drop soup was the best I have had. Will definitely go again when we are in town."

Char K.


"The food was good and tasty. The hibachi part was fast and delicious. At the buffet a few items could've been refreshed but overall good and I would go back. Service was excellent. Refills came really fast."

Julie S.


"Been eating here for 15 years. I leave satisfied every single time. The service is great, the employees are friendly, and the food always hits the spot."

Kyle S.

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